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IMG_2218This will be my third Mother’s Day without my mom. At this point it seems cliché to write about it, or to even talk about it. I did that once already, and I think it might have been a little bit…much. But just because it’s cliché doesn’t mean I’m going to stop! No, I’ll keep publicly grieving until I’m dead. The quiet then will hurt all my loved ones’ ears.

I accepted an offer to work on Sunday with great relief, only realizing today that the day will involve ushering mothers and daughters into the store for our 20% off everything sale (a deal my own mom would have happily used as an excuse to buy an originally-$200-pillow). Still, it’s better than moping at home with my dad or pretending I’m okay with spending it with another friend and their family. I’m not okay! And that’s okay! Plus, I’m getting paid because I don’t have a mom to celebrate the day with, which seems like a pretty good reward for that loss. Also using all the Mother’s Day discounts on the web that I can find. 

It’s not hard to find people who feel pain from this holiday. Hopefully we can all work or watch Netflix or whatever. It will be easier to find people who enjoy celebrating their mothers or mothers who are happy to be celebrated, which is a good thing, to say the least.


Are people still talking about that?

It’s been 2 days and the answer is – yes! The La La Land – Moonlight fiasco was that big. And for good reason. 89 years and there haven’t been any mix-ups quite as large and surprising. I decided to watch the Oscars this year on a last-minute whim and it was completely worth it.


Such a powerful moment.

BEFORE the Oscars and AFTER the Grammys, I made this little doodle:

Because I, like many others, was shocked that Lemonade lost to Adele’s Hello at the Grammys this year. Even Adele wasn’t sure how to feel about it! These shows can be fun to watch, but it might be time to stop reveling in the status that an Oscar / Grammy / Emmy comes equipped with. The most-sold album of the year should be remembered by the impact it had on its listeners, not by a faceless committee of people who are out of touch with what the album or movie meant to us in the general public.

Just last year, Lady Gaga performed an incredibly powerful song about sexual assault based on her own experiences, was accompanied by survivors, and Brie Larson, who played a victim of abuse in The Room, won the Best Actress Oscar. This year, she had to award the Best Actor Oscar to a known man who has been accused of sexual assault multiple times. So do the people running these award ceremonies really care about sexual assault, diversity and issues that affect people in the country and around the world? Or do they just want to pretend like they do? This year was more of a win for diversity at the Oscars than in years past, but all awards shows should be held to much higher standards in years to come.

It’s fantastic that Moonlight won Best Picture, it’s awkward that the creators of La La Land gave most of their acceptance speech before realizing the truth, and it’s important that these award shows are held to high standards. Normals need to comment on the way major organizations function, or else they’ll keep getting away with the same junk every year FOREVER. And while we can all say the biggest mistake of the evening was not the presenters’ faults (can we say that?) Faye Dunaway was overheard saying she f’d it up.

Here are some of my favorite memes/gifs that came out of the debacle that was the Oscars 2017! Plus one gif I made that is completely unrelated! #internetart



If only…



Hi and welcome to my first blog post. I have time traveled here from 1990 and discovered that members of my species publish their darkest thoughts to strangers instead of keeping them to themselves. Just kidding. I’m a normal 21st-century sad person just like you.

Back in college (< 1 year ago) I made this website to display some of my accomplishments, and now I’ve decided to supplement my website with a personal blog. I don’t think anyone really likes personal blogs except for the person writing them, but the Instagram-famous/Wordpress-famous (is that a thing) would tell me I am wrong. I have chosen a probably cliché title theme, so each one will begin with a hashtag.

I graduated from college last year and I am now living my best life (?) working remotely at home, hoping to move out eventually, emphasis on the eventually. I’ve spent the past few months trying to discover the best path for me to take in life and that’s been difficult/virtually impossible but one thing I did discover is that I enjoy drawing, which I feel makes me sound like a 3-year-old. BUT I enjoy drawing and I always have and maybe I should have studied Design, but hey, I chose English instead, and now I don’t really like reading for fun. But here on this blog you can expect to see my finished a r t.

I’m starting with part one of a Katy Perry series, which is not meant to be ironic, nor is it meant to be a confession of my love for Katy Perry. I just really like the song “Firework.” And I think plastic bags are funny.


A few facts about me:

  • I’m almost 23
  • I like comedy podcasts
  • I love TV (see the whole ‘don’t love reading for fun anymore’ thing above)
  • My mom died in 2015
    • So expect kind of a lot of grief/death art
  • Here’s my Instagram with more art/works in progress.

Thanks for visiting!